Mashing In With Ryan and Lindsay of Six Mile Bridge

Mashing In With Ryan and Lindsay of Six Mile Bridge

Posted by on Jul 11, 2016

sixmile_ryanlinds (1)The Fairy Tale
It’s a story as old as time: A management consultant meets the love of his life, they brew beer in South Africa, move to the U.S. to start a family and end up opening a brewery.

While it may not be a story as old as time, it is the true-to-life story of Ryan and Lindsey Sherring, the husband and wife duo behind Six Mile Bridge in Maryland Heights.

Bringing people together is an important theme in the life of Ryan and Lindsey. And, it was because of it that the pair got into the beer business in the first place.

The duo hosted dinner parties at their home in South Africa where Ryan would often pour his home brew for guests. Lindsay was weary of if people were just being polite by imbibing or if they truly enjoyed it. Turns out at least one of their dinner guests, who happened to work for a beer distributorship, was a genuine fan of Ryan’s home brew and thought the rest of Cape Town would be too.

Naming their brewery 021 Brewing Company after Cape Town’s zip code, the two found themselves driving an hour on Saturdays to a production brewery to brew their recipes five barrels at a time and distribute to pubs.

“We were actually brewing the beer,” Lindsay emphasizes. “It wasn’t contract brewing, we did everything from mashing in to labeling the bottles.”

Ryan and Lindsay were drawn back to the States to be closer to her family as they eyed starting a family of their own. The family they ended up building didn’t involve a little baby, but rather a big brewery and the people who make it possible.

The American Dream
Opening on August 21, 2015 with a focus on building relationships and brewing classic beers, Six Mile Bridge has stayed true to that mission, and it has paid off. As of June of 2016, their beer is available at more than 100th locations in the St. Louis metro area.

“Ryan’s detail focused brewing style allows us to consistently produce premium beer that wow our drinkers,” Lindsay says.

This approach to brewing also allows Six Mile to execute classic styles while still adding their fingerprint. A brilliant example of this is the new Blood Orange Coriander Belgian Wit, which stays true to style while incorporating the tart, yet raspberry-like blood orange.

Building a Brewery
“We didn’t move [to the U.S] to start a brewery, we just so happened to connect to the right people when we got here, and that allowed us to practice our labor of love,” Lindsay says.

Again, and again, the theme of relationships reappears.

Irish Poet WB Yeats’ words “There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met” are evident on the walls of the tasting room, as well as in the way the staff interacts with guests. It even goes so far as the fresh popcorn passed in the tasting room.

Lindsay claims the popcorn is not to make you thirsty, but rather a bit of nostalgia from a pub called The Slug & Lettuce in Cape Town where the duo used to hang out and enjoy a pint and fresh popcorn.

With a great tasting room and over 115 locations pouring their beer, Six Mile Bridge recently added a 60-barrel fermenter to keep up with production. Working on an oversized 15 barrel system they can now triple brew batches and ferment them in one vessel, freeing two 30 barrel fermenters.

Six Mile Bridge’s brewery and tasting room is located at 11841 Dorsett Road in Maryland Heights and is open from 5 – 11 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays and 2 – 11 p.m. on Saturdays.

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