Saint Charles County Craft Tap was founded by beer lovers with the idea of bringing other local beer lovers together as a community to share information about the local craft beer scene. We are by no means beers experts. We just appreciate good beer, and while we enjoy expanding our knowledge about beer and becoming more involved in its culture, we want this to be a fun site about enjoying beer.

That won’t happen without other beer lovers getting involved. We welcome your input and ideas, your suggestions for locations to be added to our lists, your photos from beer-related events, and your presence at the events we co-sponsor or host.

We love beer and we know you do too. We love that local brewers produce good beer. We love finding places that make it possible for us to drink that beer.

Don’t get us wrong, taking a trip across the Missouri River to enjoy a craft beer is never a bad thing, but being able to drink a locally brewed beer in St. Charles County is even better! We support responsible drinking and one of the easiest ways to remain responsible is to stay a short cab ride away from home. Patronizing local establishments also helps ensure their survival, so we can continue to enjoy the convenience of buying craft beer close to home.

Please join us in celebrating what the local beer scene has to offer.



Chris O.
Chris is an experienced graphic artist, web designer and craft beer nut. He enjoys visiting local pubs where he can find craft beer on tap. Chris’ favorite style of beer for the moment is an IPA, the more hops the better IPA, the kick your front teeth out with hops kind of IPA. He doesn’t limit his beer selection to only hoppy beers and will enjoy a good beer regardless of style.

Tim B.
Tim is a graphic artist and a fine musician. He combined his interest in music and beer by founding the Brews & Ukes beer club. Tim also favors hoppy beers and stouts, but likes to try any beer, any style.

Shawn C.
Shawn is an editor and nature lover. He enjoys German and Belgian styles including hefeweizen, saison and tripel. He also loves a good stout and enjoys trying various styles of beer.

Andrew T.
Andrew loves to drink beer, talk about beer and write about beer. It’s easy to tell when he does so in that order.  A crafter of prose and brews, Andrew is a writer, editor, homebrewer and cultivator of hops. With a passion for mouth-puckering sours and a current obsession with anything aged in a bourbon barrel, he loves to sip on most any brew while watching Cardinals baseball or Blues hockey.